Introduction to Typography – Part II

As I mentioned earlier, I am taking a class called Introduction to Graphic Design at  . The instructor is Justin Seeley. In it he lists his 15 rules for typography. Some of the more important ones are:

1. Do not use more than 1-3 typefaces on a flyer or brochure, or whatever you are creating.
2. Don’t use text in a font size of less than 10-12 points. One point is 1/72 of one inch.
3. Create plenty of contrast. (Personal Note: One of my favorite print magazines likes to print the first page of an article with purple text against a blue background, or some other color scheme I can’t read.)
4. Use even and consistent spacing.
Take the course if you want to read the rest of his list. I highly recommend it.
You can find Justin Seeley at: