How to Move Your iTunes Library to Another Computer on the Same Network

You have been keeping the 20,000 songs in your iTunes Library on an old computer that is on a network and you are about to get a new machine. How do you move your huge song collection to the new computer? Actually it’s easy.

1. First, make sure all your iTunes files are in the same location. Open iTunes and select Edit > Preferences on the menu at the top of the screen. When the Edit Preferences screen opens, open the Advanced tab. Check Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized if it is not already checked.

Open iTunes Preferences Advanced

iTunes Preferences Advanced









2. Open Edit Preferences again and select the Advanced tab once again. This time click on the button to the right of Change Media Folder Location and select the drive where you want to store all your iTunes files on the new computer.

Change media folder location

Change Media Folder Location









3. Select File > Library  > Organization from the menu at the top of the screen, and then select Consolidate Files.

Consolidate files

Consolidate Files







To access the tutorials Apple has online for moving your iTunes library, follow these links: