Monthly Archives: April 2016

Microsoft’s Caption Bot will Label Your Photos for You

Microsoft has developed Captionbot, software that will analyze your photos and label them. It is powered by the company’s Cognitive Services, using a Computer Vision API, an Emotion API, and a Bing Image API. At this point, the software is not completely accurate.

New Moleskin Digital Writing Set

Moleskin, long-time  maker of fine notebooks for people who write in ink, has just released its Smart Writing Set, which comes with a notebook and a digital pen. The pen has a tiny built-ion camera that takes pictures of your handwritten notes and converts them in legible digital text. The notebook has a digital grid what helps the camera located what you have written. You can save your documents to Google Drive or Evernote. I doubt, though, that it could decipher my illegible scrawl.