Monthly Archives: November 2016

Microsoft Surface Studio – 28″ Graphics Work Station

Microsoft has announced the Surface Studio, a 28-inch all-in-one computer optimized for the production of graphics. It has a touchscreen and rests on an adjustable hinge. The new computer features an accessory called the Surface Dial, an input device that lets you manipulate what you’re seeing. I would love to have one, but since it costs from $2,999 to $4,199, depending on how it’s configured, I never will.

New Nikon D5600

The new Nikon D5600 DSLR features a 24 megapixel sensor and is is always in contact with you smart phone through blue tooth connectivity. It does not support 4K video recording, video enthusiasts. The price will be $990 with a 18-55 lens, and $1,230 with a 18-140 lens. Nikon has not announced when it will be available in the U. S.

The 5 Best Mirrorless Cameras for Beginners

They are, according to this article:

1. Canon EOS M10 – $450 with 15-45 mm lens
2. Fujifilm AX3 –  $600 with 16-50 mm lens
3. Olympus E-M10 II – $ 700 with 14-42 mm lens
4. Panasonic Lumix GX 80/85 – $800 with 12-32 mm lens
5. Sony Alpha A5100 – $600 with 16-50 mm lens
NOTE: The numbering used does not indicate ranking.

3 New Adobe Experimental Apps

Adobe is working on an app called VoCo that will let you edit voiceovers. It is also working on something called Project Stylit that will let users create digital art that looks like fine art. Finally, its new CloverVR is a virtual reality video editing application.