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New Canon Superzoom

Canon has announced its successor to the SX720 HS, the SX730 HS. Both cameras feature a 40X zoom lens, equivalent to a 35mm 24-960 superzoom. I own the 720. It is a good camera to take to sporting events where DSLRs are not allowed. Image quality is okay, but the fairly small maximum aperture limits the amount of light it can let in, so it is not a good camera to use in low light conditions. The SX730 will be priced at $400 US.

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Two New Canon DSLRS

Canon has announced two new mid-range DSLRS – the EOS 800D (Rebel T7i in the US), and the EOS 77D, which is for the more advanced shooter. I won’t bore you with all their specifications. You can go follow the link and read about them if you are interested. My question for for Canon and Nikon and Fuji and Sony: Do we really need so many new cameras?

Best APS-C DSLR’s of 2016

APS is the acronym for Advanced Photo System. APS-C refers to the image sensors these cameras have. They are for the photographer who wants a better camera than a beginner level DLSR but does not want to pay the cost of a camera with a full frame sensor. The prices listed are for the camera body only.

1. Canon EOS 80D – US $1,100. I have a Canon EOS 60D, and it’s an excellent camera. but too heavy with a lens mounted on it to carry around comfortably.
2. Nikon D7200 – US $1,000
3. Pentax K-3 II – US $850 – I have owned several Pentax 35 mm cameras. Pentax is now owned by Ricoh.
4. Sony A77 II – US $1,200
5. Canon 7D Mark II – US $1,550
6. Nikon D500 – US $1,800
My advice would be to not buy a camera with an APS-C sensor, but to buy a mirrorless camera instead. Today’s mirrorless DSLRs take great pictures and are very small and light weight, even with a lens.