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Panasonic DC-Z80 – One Zoom to Rule them All?

The Panasonic DC-Z80 has a 20mm-1200mm equivalent super zoom lens. The maximum aperture is a nice F2.8. The camera will retail for $400. My Nikon Coolpix P900 has an 83X zoom lens, and goes all the way out to 2,000 mm. It takes surprisingly good pictures. It is more expensive than the Panasonic though.

New Sony A9 – “Perfection” for a Price

Sony has announced the A9, compact mirrorless camera. They modestly claim that is is the best camera ever made, and it might have the specs to support that claim. I have watched hundreds of photography videos at the Lynda,com website. More and more of the professional photographers are switching to the light-weight, high-performance mirrorless cameras made by Sony and Fuji Film. I have a tiny Sony RX 100 V, and it is a superb camera. I consider it my “last” camera. I carry it everywhere I go practically. Be prepared to part with a lot of money if you have to buy the A9. The price of the body alone is $4,500.

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New Canon Superzoom

Canon has announced its successor to the SX720 HS, the SX730 HS. Both cameras feature a 40X zoom lens, equivalent to a 35mm 24-960 superzoom. I own the 720. It is a good camera to take to sporting events where DSLRs are not allowed. Image quality is okay, but the fairly small maximum aperture limits the amount of light it can let in, so it is not a good camera to use in low light conditions. The SX730 will be priced at $400 US.

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