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Epson Artisan 50 Color Inkjet Printer

 have an HP color laser printer at home that does a fairly decent job of printing graphic images, but it does not give you high-quality color copies. We have another model of HP color laser printer in our media center, but it also will not print high-quality color images. Let’s say I design a graphic for a flyer or poster that has some special effects such as gradient overlays. When I print it the gradient does not print, and the light blue shirt a character is wearing will print much darker and duller. It you want your printouts to look good, you have to use an inkjet printer, which means if you print a lot of color copies, they are going to cost you a lot of money. This morning I ordered an Epson 50 color inkjet printer. It cost $214. Usually the inkjet cartridges that are shipped with printers do not have much ink in them. For certain printers, though, you have to install these cartridges or your printer will not work at all. I also ordered a set of color cartridges: 1 cyan, 1 light cyan, 1 magenta and 1 light magenta, and 1 yellow. They cost $86. I also ordered a black cartridge; it cost $21. I will only used this printer for jobs that required high-quality output. 

My printer will use 6 cartridges. Some inkjets use 4, some use 8. I will report on the quality I get with my first print job, a flyer I designed.