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New Sony A9 – “Perfection” for a Price

Sony has announced the A9, compact mirrorless camera. They modestly claim that is is the best camera ever made, and it might have the specs to support that claim. I have watched hundreds of photography videos at the Lynda,com website. More and more of the professional photographers are switching to the light-weight, high-performance mirrorless cameras made by Sony and Fuji Film. I have a tiny Sony RX 100 V, and it is a superb camera. I consider it my “last” camera. I carry it everywhere I go practically. Be prepared to part with a lot of money if you have to buy the A9. The price of the body alone is $4,500.

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Sony’s New HX350 Superzoom

Sony is releasing its new superzoom, the Cyber-Shot HX 350, for the European market. The 50-power Zeiss lens has gives shooters the equivalent of a 24- 1200 zoom range. Sony says its clever image stabilization system gives crystal clear shots at full zoom. It has a 20.4 megapixel image sensor and an ISO range of 80- 12,800. It also has a manual zoom/focus ring on the lens, a really useful feature. Camera size is 5 X 3.75 X 4 inches. The camera will cost 450 Euros and will be on sale in January. Sony has not announced when or if it will be available in the U. S.