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Closing all Open Windows in Adobe Illustrator

You’re working in Illustrator and you have four windows open. Is there a way to close all of them without exiting the program? Yes, there is a hidden shortcut that will do that. If you are working on a PC, hold down Ctrl + Alt + W. If you are working on a Mac,hold down Cmd + Option + W.

Opening Illustrator Files in Photoshop

f you do very much graphic design you need to work in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. They both have features the other program does not have. Photoshop is a wonderful painting program, but it is not a good drawing program. Photoshop files are raster, or pixel-based images. If you enlarge them, they will lose quality. Illustrator is a great drawing program and has many drawing tools Photoshop does not have. It also has very powerful tools for tracing images. Illustrator files are vector-based, or created using complicated algorithms. All you need to know about that is that you can scale them to any size without any loss of quality.

A good workflow would be to finish a drawing, scan it, and open it in Illustrator. You can trace the image with Illustrator and save it as an .ai file. If you  are really good with the Pen tool, you can select each line in the image and make it look perfect. If you want to color the image in Photoshop, just find the file on the drive where you saved it, right-click on it and select Open With > Adobe Photoshop. After you color it in Photoshop you can save it as a .psd, or .jpeg, or .png file.