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Microsoft Surface Studio – 28″ Graphics Work Station

Microsoft has announced the Surface Studio, a 28-inch all-in-one computer optimized for the production of graphics. It has a touchscreen and rests on an adjustable hinge. The new computer features an accessory called the Surface Dial, an input device that lets you manipulate what you’re seeing. I would love to have one, but since it costs from $2,999 to $4,199, depending on how it’s configured, I never will.

Astropad Turns Your iPad into a Drawing Tablet for Your Mac Computer

The Astropad lets you turn your iPad into a drawing tablet for your Mac computer. You can draw directly into a program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. It only costs $29.99, a fraction of the cost of a Wacom tablet.

Google’s Ultra High Resolution Art Camera

Google has developed an ultra high resolution camera, it calls the Art Camera. They designed it to take pictures of works of art. Each image contains over one billion pixels, so many you can see individual brush strokes in the them. The article does not disclose the cost of the camera, but it is not something an individual would be able to purchase unless he or she were extremely wealthy.

Microsoft’s Caption Bot will Label Your Photos for You

Microsoft has developed Captionbot, software that will analyze your photos and label them. It is powered by the company’s Cognitive Services, using a Computer Vision API, an Emotion API, and a Bing Image API. At this point, the software is not completely accurate.