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Best Formats for Saving Images In

The four formats you will be saving your images you have edited in an image editing program in are:

PSD – Used for saving images that have layers. Save all your image files in this format. Once you save your file in a flat format such at PNG or JPEG you can never recover your lost layers.
TIFF – Used to save images for publication. I also save all the photos I scan in this format.
PNG – It supports a single layer with transparency. If you are going to embed a photo or graphic in a Word document or Google Doc, save it in this format.
JPEG – Does not support layers or transparency. This a good format for saving images that need to be compressed and shared online.

Walter T. Foster

I have many of the drawing instruction books published by the Walter Foster company. One reason I like these books so much is that they are published in large format and contain many large-sized drawings. Currently I am creating my own copy of a drawing Walter Foster made of Clark Gable many years ago. You may think that Walter T. Foster is just an urban legend like say, Fridge Adair, who supposedly invented the refrigerator. Foster was a real person who lived from 1891 until 1881. More than 80 years ago he began published self-help art instruction books from his home in Laguna Beach, California. He originally wrote, illustrated, printed, and shipped the books himself. Eventually he hired other artists, such as the famous illustrator Preston Blair to work for him. Walter Foster Publishing is now a subsidiary of the Quarto Group Inc.